Friday, November 28, 2008

Canon Rebel Digital Camera

Canon camera are well known in the world for their quality cameras. The Canon Rebel camera was released on August 20th 2003. At this time there were other types of digital cameras on the market. The new features of the Canon Rebel Digital camera make this digital camera well worth looking into

The Canon Digital Rebel XT builds on the huge success of the original Digital Rebel, a camera that literally turned the digital camera world on its ear.

The various camera experts who have reviewed this Canon camera state that this is a moderately priced digital camera. The $ 900 and upwards price tag will not be a deterrent for the digital camera enthusiast

You can also buy the Canon Rebel Digital camera in various other countries. You should be aware of what to ask for when you are asking for the Canon Rebel Digital camera, as there are a few different names that it goes by

For instance in the United States it goes under the name of the Canon Rebel Digital camera, in Europe under the name of Canon EOS 300D and in Japan you will hear it being referred to as the Kiss Digital.

You will also find that at the time that the Canon Rebel Digital camera was first released it was considered to being less expensive than its predecessor.

For the digital camera enthusiast you will find a Canon Rebel Digital camera kit that can be bought separately from the Rebel Digital camera. This kit contains an EF-S 18-55 mm 3x lens. The price of the entire digital camera kit is only $100 more than the single camera alone

Inside of the Canon Rebel Digital camera you will find various specifications like a 6 megapixel CMOS sensor and image processor. These are housed in the inexpensive plastic body of the Canon Rebel Digital camera.

There are a host of new features that you can find in the Canon Rebel Digital camera. These features include a contrast, saturation and sharpness settings
The contrast and saturation settings can be adjusted for your various needs

The sharpness setting will clearly define your pictures

There is also a new default parameter setting on the Canon Rebel Digital camera. This setting is called Parameter 1. The Canon Rebel Digital camera was the first digital camera to support and use a new lens called EF-S. The S in the EF-S stands for short back focus.

This lens however can only be used with the Canon Rebel Digital camera as the other Canon Rebel series cameras were not designed to support this lens. These are just a few of the modifications and changes that you will find when you buy this digital camera.

For the photographer – whether they are experienced or a novice – there are many interesting photographs you can take with a Canon Rebel Digital camera in your possession, and that’s the entire point of owning a camera, to take visually interesting pictures that tells a great story

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