Friday, August 14, 2009

short story:Another train

قطارا آخر

فى مقاعد الانتظار جلس رجل كهل قد تقدم به العمر كثيرا و ترك الزمن آثارا على وجهه و حكمه تراها فى عينيه,جلس ليستريح بعض الوقت واذ بشاب فى الثلاثين من عمره وعلى وجهه ملامح الحزن مختلط بالغضب يجلس بجوراه نظر اليه الشيخ نظره عطف و قال له : ماذا بك يا بنى قال الشاب لا شئ ... قال الشيخ : تكلم يا بنى فالكلام راحه , الشاب : لا شئ ايها الشيخ فقد انه القطار لقد تأخر بعض الوقت نظر الشيخ الى القطارات الواقفه فى المحطه وقال : صحيح لقد تأخر ولكن يا بنى الحياة مليئه بالقطارات , المهم هو ان تعرف الى أين تذهب ثم نظر الى الشاب وقال له : هل تعرف الى أين تذهب يا بنى الشاب : ماذا ؟ نعم اعرف اننى ذاهب الى الاسكندريه....اعاد الشيخ السؤال مره اخرى وهو ينظر فى عينيه : هل تعرف الى أين تذهب رد الشاب فى حيره : لا , لا اعرف انا فقد ذاهب الى هناك ابحث عمل مع اقاربى هناك واخذ الشاب يحكى للشيخ كيف هى صعوبات الحياة معه وكيف فقد وظيفته , قال له الشيخ لا تحزن يا بنى الحياة مثل قطار يمر بكثير من المحطات قد لا يتوقف فى بعضها او يقف فى واحده ولا يكمل لكنه دائما ما يسير بين المحطات ساعيا لاكمال مشواره الشاب : كلامك صحيح يا سيدى لكن كيف يمكنه ذلك اذا بلا هدف او وقود ,رد الشيخ : دائما هناك نور فى نهايه النفق ذلك هو هدفه هناك امل دائما , وظلا يتحدثان وقتا طويلا الى ان جاء القطار الذى ينتظرونه فقال الشاب هيا بنا لقد اتى القطار لكن الشيخ لم يجيب او يتحرك ,حرك الشاب يد الشيخ ربما يكون قد غفى قليلا لكن الشيخ كان قد فارق الحياة و ركب قطارا اخر

by mika

Another train

He was elderly man sat in the seats to wait, he was old and the time left on the face marks and you can see wise in his eyes, took some time to rest, then As a young man in his thirties and features on his face of sadness mixed with anger sit with the old man, the old man seen its sympathy to him and said: Why you upset young man? said the young man: nothing ... old man said: spoke words will me you rest
Young: Oh nothing, just the train was delayed for some time has
old man looks to the train parked at the station and said: yes it has delayed
But you know life is full of trains, what is important is to know where to go…. and then looked at the man and said to him: Do you know where to go?
Young: What? Yes, I know I am going to Alexandria ...
old man question back again, looking in his eyes: Do you know where to go? answer the young man in a dilemma: No, I do not know I was going there to find work with my relatives there and take the young man tells of how is the difficulties of life and how he lost his job, he said old man do not grieve, O my son, life is much like a train move between the stations may not depend on some or stand in one and not complete, but always moving between stations, seeking to complete his way …
Young: Your words are true, sir, but how can that if the goal or no fuel, old man replied: There is always light at the end of the tunnel that is the goal there is always hope, and have been talking a long time that the train was waiting, said the young man Let us have a train came But the old man did not respond or move, Moved by the young old man may have been a little nod, but the old man was dead, and take another train.....

by mika


Anonymous said...

soooooooooo niceeeeeeee storyyy.bravooooooooooooooo
now i dont have time to say more...but i come back tomorow.. take care my dear mikaaaaaaaa.good works my wises friend.take care of yourself

mika said...

hiii, thanks a lot, that too much for me,thanks for u coz u keep rise me up :D

Anonymous said...

hi mika
you are right life is like a big station.we all sit in the station and wait to come our train.our train will come soon or later but it will come certainly.but are many trains who leaves or come in our station we must know which is the best for us.NoT ALL THE TRAINs WHO COME IN OUR STATION COULD SHOW TO US THE LIGHT which will guide us in life.truth is we ,the young people do not like to wait too much and because that sometimes our choises are wrong ---------------take a wrong train and down in the wrong station-----------and sometimes we choises one good train for us but we down between stations,dont have patience to get to our destination.SEEMS THAT WISEs OLD MAN WAS ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT TRAIN BECAUSE HE always knew what the station is.and when we learn and become wise we will take the right train for us.GOOD WORKS MIKA.TAKE CARE>BYEEEEEEEEE

mika said...

thanks a lot for u nice comment, i agree with u, and yes :our train will come soon or later but it will come certainly there is hope in every tunnel :D
thanks for rise me up take care and God with u , byeeeee


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