Thursday, September 2, 2010

sun rays and man in the mirror :)

there is fantastic song for Michael Jackson ,its name is man in the mirror about change by start with ourselves and asking to change...
the song :

short story :sun rays and man in the mirror :)
He Try waking up from sleep, as every day in his static life, but he felt inside feelings with a mixture of sadness and bleakness and despair, do not know why he wakes up every day early and in this period in spite of his life free from study or work, or even entertainment is free of everything except those feelings Good, it seemed trying to enter into a deep sleep again but failed in that ,so he sit on the bed, looking to the large mirror hanging in front of him for a while the best that he look in the mirror to another man does not know , it has been a lot of time he consider his face focus details, prompted him to wonder how it would be happen , he used to see his face lit up , laughing in all its photos, even in the mirror, but the other day is no longer able to do that , he lost a straight face and hope and ambition and perhaps lose his life since losing the previous work may come back on the success did not accept any failure or loss, but when it happened to him that felt he had lost everything in his life and become what he is, but at the same time he feel a sense within pay forward as usual, that he used to feel with it in all his works,he wished he has that feeling again, but the inside still feels the same sad feelings, desperation of everything, while thinking the sun had risen, and entered its rays, it filled all his room and reflected from the mirror on his face, crawl hope start grow inside him, he felt that the sun would call again to work to wake up , he has to change due to dynamic successful that he was, he now have the hope , motivation, no matter what obstacles could not prevent the sun from lighting his room and his life once again .....


Anonymous said...

How will order to understand?

mika said...

hi,thanks for comment :D

i think anytime we can order to understand just use our mind to see the meaning of matter ;)


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cool watermelon arts :o

funny animals camouflage ;)