Saturday, January 21, 2012

how to make an optical illusion

optical illusion simply is tricking eyes and its so easy because most of time we are not 100 focusing we take a time to figure it beside some picture have more than one perspective here is some ideas for simple  optical illusions:

photography optical illusion:

1- the easiest way to make an optical illusion photo is pick hug symbol or object and take a photo like this

2- or pick small object and do the same with it do look like you hold the object illusion

3-you can play with the light like this one , is it a woman breast or book pages its according to what your mind way of thinking lol

3-this one easy to make by collecting tow objects together like candle and glasses , also you can use mirrors 

4-the black and white optical illusion or the" negative picture optical illusion " so easy by any photo editing program like Photoshop
5- this one needs two persons one is head and one covered his head with sands , the poor one lol

drawing optical illusion:

1-you can also draw it , its so cool way of optical illusion too here is a black and white human face picture but can you see the word "lair" ?
2-  the four eyes illusion is cool too but it makes me feel dizzy :o
3-face painting so nice like this one you can sleep at working no one will know lol :D

or something fantastic like this

4- if you can paint and drawing more professional then open your imagination as you can you can paint as this 

or maybe as this one ;)

scary optical illusions

 this paint looks like normal one of tow lovers drinking , but in fact its scary one of skull you can see it by zoom in and out
 this one of creepy man you can see it as tow ladies in the front and other ladies but in fact its man head with beard ;)

 lovely too kids with dog paint but the reality is skull paint can you see it

 they saying you can Keep looking at her for a minute,it’ll look like she’s opened her ghoulish eyes and is staring right at your soul...
this illusion did not work with me how about you ?
 i find this so beautiful lady illusion rather than scary but yes still when you zoom in and out skull paint appear

cool optical illusions for kids

there are 11 human faces in this picture can you find them all ? 
normal people find 4 or 5 of them. 
if you find 8 of them you have a extraordinary sense of observation
if you find 9 of them you have a sense of observation
above of the average
  if you find 10 of them you are very observer
   if you find 11 of them you are extremely observer... then you can work with CIA lol :))

i can see 9 :) leave comment how many faces can you see ? ;)

 focus on the dot in the center and move your head backwards and forwards
weird hey... ;)

duck and rabbit paint so funny for kids some will say it is a cat :))

scary a little for kids but still so nice of old lady and young lady painted face
kids can see 1 in the first them then after focusing they will discover the second lady face some saying its due tow the mode that can say the young pretty lady or the ugly old lady , anyway have fun :)

and the end with fantastic pink dots optical illusion focus at the center + then by time you will find the pink dots moving and disappear.... by moving your eyes away it will back again so freaky :)

how to drive F 16 step by step

landing I'm pretty sure I Saw that word somewhere between "gear down" and "parking"...

We're the fellowship against SOPA and PIPA !

epic meme against SOPA from lord of rings , we will save our internet...

hold your ground!
sons of 4chan! of 9gag! my brothers! 
i see in your eyes the same fear that would take heart of me
a day may come when the courage of internet user fail! 
when we forsake our brothers and break all bonds of peer to peer
but it is not this day an hour of governments and corrupted files when the age of internet comes crushing down ! 
but it is not this day
this day we fight !
by all that you hold dear in this good internet I bid you stand users of the internet
never thought I'd die fighting side by side with an american
what about side by side with a downloader ?
..... Aye. I could do that
for Megaupload
Anonymous !
Anonymous is coming !

MEGAUPLOAD Gentlemen it's been an honor downloading with you

Gentlemen it's been an honor downloading with you...

RIP Megaupload file and videos sharing site shut down over US piracy indictment they caught the owner "Kim Dotcom" and 3 of his assistants
Left to right: Bram Van der Kolk, Mathias Ortmann, Fin Batato and Kim Dotcom in court today.
Alleged "mega conspiracy" internet pirate Kim Dotcom retreated behind a series of electronic locks and barricaded himself in a safe room, with a gun close to hand, before surrendering to police today.  

this domain name associated with website has been seized pursuant to an order issued by a US district court.

a federal grand jury has indicted several individuals and entities allegedly involved in the operation of and related websites charging 
as and

hackers attack:
The US government today shut down but, in retaliation, hackers attacked the public websites of the US Justice Department, the world's largest music company Universal Music, and the two big trade groups that represent the music and film industries. 

for more information and other alternative if you were use it here :

Friday, January 20, 2012

Contraband 2012 pictures and wallpapers

here is cool actions movie for Mark Wahlberg, Contraband 2012 photos and wallpapers January 19, 2012

 well this not Mark Wahlberg , she is Kate Beckinsale :) 
Robert Wahlberg as John Bryce
Mark Wahlberg as Chris Farraday
Caleb Landry Jones as Andy
Jason Mitchell  as Walter
Paul LeBlanc as CBP Official

Ben Foster as Sebastian Abney
Lukas Haas as Danny RaymerAmber Gaiennie
Amber Gaiennie as Danny's BrideKent Jude Bernard
Kent Jude Bernard as Tommy RaymerKate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale as Kate Farraday
Giovanni Ribisi as Tim Briggs
Jaqueline Fleming as Jeanie 

test your brain test left right conflict

  check here the chart and say the color
not the word....

Green  Blue   Orange
Black   Red   Green

Yellow   Blue   Orange
Orange   Green   Black
Blue   Red   Purple

Purple  black   Red

Left brain Right brain conflict

Your right brain tries to say the color but
Your left brain insists on reading the word keep training...

GOD is the reason


is the reason 
why even in pain I smile 
is confusion I understand
in betrayal I trust
and in fear
I continue to fight


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cool watermelon arts :o

funny animals camouflage ;)