Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year 2012 celebration around the world

brilliant fireworks so beautiful pictures of fireworks celebration with new year 2012 around all the world

Time to Dream Sydney 2012
Sydney habour bridge and opera house

 London new year 2012 celebration with London eye

new year 2012 celebration with fireworks in Singapore 

the start of fireworks celebration 2012 in London eye

happy new year 2012 for all the world , have fun and enjoy

wonderful new year 2012 fireworks pictures

 colorful fireworks light up the Sydney Opera House 
A rainbow can be seen lighting up the Harbour Bridge in the background

Time to Dream 2012 happy new year Fireworks in Sydney Australia 
Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. lights were illuminated onto the bridge to create so wonderful rainbow view

another view with sea view with red color fireworks view so beautiful

beautiful woman saying happy new year 2012 wish you all the best have fun and enjoy

cute animal new year 2012 calendars hd wallpapers

cute bobby with January 2012 calendar
so beautiful bunny

sweet kitten
wonderful catch of penguin family

cute cub

Friday, December 30, 2011

sexy new year 2012 calendars hd wallpapers

hot sexy girls saying happy new year 2012 

be ready for the action girl
happy new year 2012 full of joy and happiness

TOWIE stars Lucy, Jessica, Billi and Cara turn sexy Santas real Christmas crackers!

Sexy Santas: The Only Way Is Essex stars (L-R) Billi Mucklow, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Jessica Wright and Cara Kilbey pose in a Text Santa photoshoot

Baby, it's definitely not cold outside! Billi and Cara are preparing to jet off to Mauritius on Boxing Day

Fancy a nibble: Jessica offers some tasty delights
looks so delirious

She's a right cracker: Fashion designer Lucy's red dress leaves little to the imagination

Trim the tree: TOWIE newcomers Cara and Billi pull some crackers
hot and sexy christmas tree wallpaper of TOWIE in Santa outfits
Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2012 wallpaper

 Busy Christmas: Lucy will wake up Christmas morning with Mario, before visiting her parents and ending up at Mario's sister's house in the evening
 'I already know what Mario's bought me. He's got me a gorgeous Prada handbag.'

Let it snow! wallpaper
The fashion designer, 20, gives a cheeky flash of her red knickers

funny pictures of 2012 mayan calendar

so how come it ends in 2012 ?
i ran out of space on the rock...
at last, the mystery of the Mayan calendar revealed

chief says just take it to 2012 thats when we switch to the Dilbert calendar

I only had enough room to go up to 2012...
ha! that'll freak somebody out someday

I survived Y2K,bird flu , mad cow disease, 9/11, tsunami japan earthquake and swine flu
2012 bring it on

happy new year 2012 gif and animations pictures

merry Christmas and happy new year 2012

so soon just hours and we will say happy new year 2012 

2012 happy new year wallpapers

happy new year 2012 i hope it will be full of joy and peace...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 famous Celebrities Engagement and weddings

 Kate Moss was one of the most brides this year, appeared dress features a stylish upscale taste, has married her boyfriend, rock musician Jimmy Haynes

Anne Hathaway to marry Adam Shulman, a jewelry designer and Anne was betrothed to Shulman 3 years ago.

Britney Spears engagement to boyfriend Jason Trawik, during the celebration of the birthday of Jason sessions

wedding of Beatle Paul McCartney's famous aged sixty-nine years andAmerican businesswoman Nancy Hivil, has held the ceremony at Marylebone Town Hall in central London, United Kingdom.

 Wedding of the star Kim Cardchian and basketball player Chris Humphries, who came long after the love story of the most important weddings of the year, where the ceremony cost more than $ 10 million was held in California, but the marriage lasted only 72 hours.

 and the Star Shania Twain and businessman Frederic Thiebaud has held their wedding ceremony on the shore of Puerto Rico, and amid the presence of nearly 40 people, all relatives and friends

happy new year 2012 HD wallpapers

smoking sexy girl saying happy new year 2012 wallpaper

happy new year 2012 colored HD wallpaper

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2012 HD wallpaper

 happy new year 2012 HD wallpaper all countries around world
past year pass and and new year come we wish and hope it will be better 
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2012


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cool watermelon arts :o

funny animals camouflage ;)