Friday, January 7, 2011

Merry Christmas ,peace that we all aim to

today is the Christians orthodox Christmas day (Christians of east), its just different calendar form wast ,we celebrate with Christmas as normal feeling with love and peace everytime that we are not alone there is God love us, there is God save us and come to us for redemption.......
put this year is different coz islam terrorism was want to make it dark as normal take peace and joy away as wat they did in alexadria by bomb and killing more than 25 Christians innocents ,but we still here ,we still celebrate God always with us save us,and bless all.....

Pope Shenouda III, the 117th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark Cathedral, attends the Coptic Christmas eve mass in Cairo January 6, 2011. Egypt tightened security around churches on the eve of Coptic Christmas after a New Year's Day bombing killed Christians innocents and sparked angry protests by Christians
Egyptian Coptic Christian girls attend the Coptic Christmas eve mass, saying there is hope we still here , a light in the darkness that will never turn off, we are have the power that cant stop by kill or bomb its the magical power of faith and love
boy walks past candles in memory of the victims of the January 1 bombing in Alexandria before the Christmas
Mass at the Coptic church in Meyrin near Geneva January 6, 2011. Security is being increased around Coptic Christian Churches in Europe for the Orthodox Christmas after online terror threats. The bombing in Alexandria killed Christians innocents

A Coptic Christian child lights a candle for victims of the New Year's Day attack on an Orthodox Coptic church in Alexandria, during Christmas Eve mass at a Coptic church in Jisr al-Bacha, near Beirut, January 6, 2011. Coptic Christians around the world are on alert for possible copycat attacks ahead of their Christmas on Friday after Islamist radicals hailed a deadly church bombing in Egypt apparently inspired by al Qaeda. she holding candle and anther light we always can feel , light can clean all the darkness all the fair and hate cant face that light, its name love and faith , we still believe and know our way.... icon of saint Mark Evangelist,he is the traditional writer of the Gospel of Mark and he is founder of Church of Alexandria in Egypt and north Africa, his martyrdom was in Egypt in Alexandria.... so even bombs ,killing , hate or any evil power ,you can hurt our body, but never can hurt our souls, all disappearing coz God give us love ,peace and make us light in the darkness....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

when people killed for just believing....

happy new year, yes but for some they dont think that, for muslims happy =kill more innocent people,what is the idea,what is the goals clear meddle east from Christians!!!, oh that so far

Evidence indicates that a suicide bomber caused the explosion outside a church in Egypt on Saturday that killed at least 21 people,the country's interior ministry said

Egypt's health ministry said 79 people were wounded in the attack in Alexandria, the country's official Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported. Four of them were police officers posted outside the church to protect the Christians worshipping inside, the interior ministry said.
if you muslim ,heaven so far away for those who kill innocents ,think of poor child all her family dead, think of mother lost her kids while they just go out from church, all they did just was praying for happy and bless new year, if that is ur heaven to kill everyone, then it will be hell for you ,dont say that not islam coz if now where did those ones get the ideas, check ur books or any u will always find kill ,lie hate destroy all for no logical reasons!!!!!

if you believe with any ,just pray to end all that Terrorism in all the world , there is always hope and even we die or lost our friends, there is better life they went there , no fear or sad the forever rest with God enjoying and non end happiness


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