Monday, June 28, 2010

Friendship is...

A friendship that stopped had never begun

A friend in need is a friend indeed

friendship is innocence

friendship don't see the difference

friendship is united

words and photos was sent by dear friend :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MOM he is Mimic me

MOM he is Mimic me.... :D

A pair of green winged macaw look on at Chiba Zoological park in Chiba, Japan, Sunday, June 20, 2010.

(AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

keep watching

do you think Brazil or Germany will win the world cup
i dont know just keep watching....
A pair of Meerkats rest in the shade Wednesday, June 2, 2010, at the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. (AP Photo/David Longstreath)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flying towards the horizon

محلقا نحو الافق

قفص جميل مزين كان مسكن عصفور صغير لم يكن يعلم من الدنيا سوى هذا القفص فقد ولد وعاش فيه و كان صاحبه يأتيه بالطعام والماء ويهتم به جيدا ولما لا فهو عصفور منظره رائع صوته عذب حلو ، كان العصفور يعتقد أن هذا القفص هو العالم فلم يكن عليه الطيران اذ كان سهل الانتقال على قدميه الصغيرتين ، لكنه كان بين الحين والاخر ينظر عبر قضبان القفص فيرى طيورا اخرى مثله او مختلفه عنه تفرد جناحيها بطريقه عجيبه بالنسبه له وتحلق فى فضاء شاسع بسرور وتغرد باصوات لم يكن قد سمعها من قبل ، كان يشعر انه يستطيع ان يفعل مثل تلك الطيور بل حاول كثيرا أن يبسط جناحيه الصغيرين ويحاول الطيران الا انه كان يصطدم بقضبان قفصه فيسقط الى قاعد القفص فى حزن ويأس ، حتى جاء ذلك اليوم اذ نسى صاحب العصفور باب سجنه مفتوحا.... نظر العصفور بذهول فرأى انه لا توجد قضبان تفصله عن العالم الخارجى هذه المره ليس عليه سوى ان يحاول مرة اخرى بسط العصفور جناحيه وبكل ما فيه من قوه طار خارج القفص فشعر بالهواء يلامس جسمه ويملئه بسعاده غامره اذ هذه المره لم يصطدم بالقضبان انه يطير ولاول مره فى حياته الا ان سعادته لم تستمر طويلا اذ سقط على الارض سريعا اذ انه لم يكن قد تعلم الطيران لكن هذه المره لم ييأس انه الان خارج سجنه فى عالم جديد عليه لن يستسلم الان يجب عليه ان يتعلم الطيران فيه فظل يحاول ويحاول الى أن طار بعيدا محلقا نحو الافق

Cage beautifully adorned that was a small bird house

It was know this world only this cage, was born and lived in it and the owner comes to him with food, water and care about good and what does not, is a wonderful mentor bird Fresh voice is sweet, it is believed that this bird cage is the world did not have to fly as the transition was easy to pick-up on its feet, but was occasionally seen through the bars of the cage sees other birds like or different spreading its wings for a strange for him, flying in the space of a vast pleasure and sing the votes had not been heard from before, it felt he could do such birds, but often try to simplify the two small wings and tries to fly, but it was hampered bars of his cage to down of the cage, sitting in the grief and despair, until the owner in a day forgotten that day because the bird open the door of his prison .... Consideration of the bird he saw with astonishment that there are no bars separating the outside world by this time not only to try again to extend the bird wings and all its power flew outside the cage its felt his body come in contact with air and infused thrilled because this time it hit that fly rods for the first time in But his happiness did not last long as it fell to the ground quickly because he was not even learn to fly but this time did not give up he is now outside the prison in a new world it will not give in now it has to learn to fly it, leaving a trying and trying to be flying away Flying towards the horizon……

Friday, June 25, 2010

one mind in two bodies

"Friendship is one mind in two bodies."
- Mencius


"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend." - Albert Camus


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cool watermelon arts :o

funny animals camouflage ;)