Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Tale of the Three Brothers

 from story Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 2010:

"There were once three brothers...who were traveling along a lonely,winding road at twilight
In time, the brothers reached a river too treacherous to pass.
But being learned in the magical art...the three brothers simply waved their wands and made a bridge.

Before they could cross, however......they found their path blocked by a hooded figure.
It was Death, and he felt cheated Cheated because travelers would normally drown in the river.
But Death was cunning.

He pretended to congratulate the three brothers on their magic...
...and said that each had earned a prize for having been clever enough to evade him.
The oldest asked for a wand more powerful than any in existence.So Death fashioned him one
from an elder tree that stood nearby.The second brother decided he wanted to humiliate Death even further...and asked for the power
to recall loved ones from the grave.So Death plucked a stone from the river and offered it to him.
Finally,Death turned to the third brother...
A humble man.he asked for something that would...allow him to go forth from that place...without being followed by Death.And so it was that Death reluctantly handed over his own Cloak of Invisibility.

The first brother traveled to a distant village...where, with the Elder Wand in hand.
...he killed a wizard with whom he had once quarreled Drunk with the power that the Elder Wand had given him..he bragged of his invincibility.But that night,another wizard stole the wand..and slit the brother's throat for good measure.And so Death took the first brother for his own.

The second brother journeyed to his home...where he took the stone and turned it thrice in hand.
To his delight, the girl he'd once hoped to marry before her untimely death..appeared before him.

Yet, soon she turned sad and cold for she did not belong in the mortal world.Driven mad with hopeless longing..the second brother killed himself so as to join her.And so Death took the second brother.

As for the third brother...Death searched for many years but was never able to find him.
Only when he attained a great age did the youngest brother ...shed the Cloak of Invisibility
and give it to his son...He then greeted Death as an old friend and went with him gladly.....departing this life as equals....."

funny cats with glasses

cat wearing big glasses take all her face space 
yeah now i can find mouses faster ^_^

cats disappear behind glasses 
 can you see my big eye O_o

cat watching fish 
I am watching you closely little golden

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life as a train journey

Life as long journey with train we are passing with with many stations,tunnels stop points and maybe the train take a break while the journey ,but that don't mean its the end ,we will pass with dark tunnels feeling with no hope coming , but we have to know that after any dark tunnel there come a light of sun because we will pass it anyway just we let the small shine of a light guide you to cross it, also we  pass with many stations , the station maybe love , friend or job, we maybe stay ,leave sometimes we don't know is that is the stopping station or just another start of our journey....

Monday, August 22, 2011


It was the rush hour the street so crowded with people, cars and sellers, people was walking as ant workers everywhere without stop, by the road sides they were standing, each one was waiting his and her transportation, he was trying to put his mind away of all work and life pressure by looking around him to street and people till he found another one doing the same while she waiting in the other side of road , they looked at the eyes of each other and felt that they know each other before even not , there is somehow a connection between them he felt that the cars in this road as a flowing water in a river stopping him to cross other side , is it love from first sight he just don’t know ,he felt that intersection of the road maybe connect them and make intersection between their lives ,it was so crowded that he wasn’t see her face before he saw her time was passing so slow and after that felt all walking slow motion or maybe all stopped , is it true love moment is it lucky coincidence , he didn’t know just he wished that he can cross this non stopping street , while all that thoughts time back to its speed again , and  she looked away , he looked to what she looked to that was her bus coming , the chance was going to end ,he tried to cross the crazy crowded street like he fight the high sea waves but it there wasn’t enough time she was gone, it was just parallel ways that each side continues in same way, not intersection.....

Friday, August 19, 2011

100 polar bear funny pics

funny bear try to play with wood branch
hello can i talk to my wife please, she is in north pole block 9 :D

funny bear thinking position and playing with ice
while that his wife thinking of him , where are you my big lovely bear.....

bear hug a polar dog, i don't know how :D
what an odd friendship...

crazy polar bear Chasing man
where are you man i just wanna play i am a big bear

now the bear looking for the man position

the bear : hey i see you now , im coming..... :D

the man was faster for his good luck

the bear:oh keep running i am coming
the man, heeeelp
they change the to another car 

the bear: i am free today to do it all the day

that was so close
i don't know how it end but i think the man do it and survived so that we can see this photos of so crazy chasing

mom bear help baby bear to climb up
come on sweetie you can do it
swimming bear playing with its Halloween candy
i love candy too :D

tow bears on small ice land

oh yes that is big Proof of ice melt

lonely bear stand alone on so small ice land
another Proof....

bear family waling together in wonderful view
yeah so true it start with single step and the journey become easier if it with good fellowship

tow bears in big hug

time for big bear hug

lovely bear relaxing on the beach

its gonna be sunny here , can you pass the sunscreen please

funny bears in the pool
hey watcha its not funny man :D

another bear was watching that
oh i can not watch that
big bear playing on ice
yeah its my ice land so you to watcha

shy polar bear
what are you doing oh bears , i can see that

hungry bear trying to enter
hey there do you have any food im sooo hungry

calm bear just doing some yoga
now just focus yes and take deep breath ,i love yoga 

worrying bears in an ice land
mom i think we lost,heeelp

polar bear celebrate with his birthday
hmm,lovely sweet number four
young polar bear swimming
yeah i have to be ready for next Olympic winter

jumping polar bear
and now time for jumping training

funny penguin going to wake up sleeping bear

time to wake up for you....

crazy bear doing Water skating
yeah i can skate too

hungry bear with watermelon
you will not eat any of my watermelon its mine  grrr

hungry bear with watermelon 
i will it my watermelon all alone hmm
furious bear try to attack a baby but there is nom proof glass
i home there is nom and grrr and all kinds proof glass to save all children 

bear thinking to jump or not
maybe the water is too cold
a bear enjoying eating fish
ummy so delicious fish do you have more

funny bear try to make himself a penguin
hmm i didn't see bears from a while in the area , i don't know where they gone

polar bear facing a walrus who will win

the polar fight between polar bear and Walrus
this between me and you bear , my people will just watching :D

young bear playing with snow
time for belly training i wanna build abs

polar bear playing with black cylinder 
yeah i have to be ready for any gas attacking

a bear lying down and play with something in water

oh i shouldn't try this snow balls 
bear snow toys
they are all the same ,but look there is one looking at you :D
cute bear relaxing down in water
time to relax and forget about wife and kids a little ,how i like this water

bear ready to jump to water
hey guys how is the water can i come

cute kid playing with bear in zoo via glasses
the bear: Hi five cute kid

what if you find that next to you
hey what are you looking at

sleepy bear relaxing 
hmm i like this rocks

flying bear
who said bears can not fly

blue tongue bear with coca cola
see what coca cola did with my tongue

diving bear
im so clever diver but there is now fish where they gone

another diving bear
oh let me see are you fish 

and another one :)
hmm ok i going to search there
polar bear under the water
i think i found something

funny bear under the water 
i will play polar kung fu for you

polar kung fu under the water
how about furious bear kick

dancing polar bear under the water
and now lets dance under the water
polar bears fighting
stop taking its time for real fighting now

polar bears fighting and yelling

who is the big bear boss

bears fighting
i will teach you the wushi finger hold but don't tell po the panda 

two bears babies hug together
now time for family hug

two bears babies playing
lovely bears playing together

two bears dancing together
la lala laa yes keep the tone and lets dance on the snow

bears dancing together

the romantic polar ice dance
romantic polar bears
john kiss me please honey

polar bears playing together
i don't want to kiss you , stay way nooo

polar bear family
see kids that is a human sitting there on his computer drinking beer 
no sweetie its a beer ,its the same thing that made your father drunk last night

cute baby bear
so cute baby bear

shy baby bear

so shy cute bear

baby plar bear playing with a man leg
i think it find the shoes so delicious

baby bear with its mother
mommy look there is a photographer there lets take a photo

beautiful baby bears looking so relaxing
cute bears looking so relaxing and enjoying with the snow
so focus baby bear 
i will get this snow balls

baby bear with its mother
family picture

baby bear with toy bear
stand back ,Flossie I'll handle this
polar bears staying together
together with more warm and family feeling 

polar bear with its baby

 i poop ,little meez

Add caption
mus be dat tall for to go off high dive
baby bear playing with a syringe
ok be good bear now and give me back the syringe

young bears
is that is a Sony digital camera
no its fake one made in china

mommy bear hug her kids
come here babies you are save now

calm polar bear
sleeping bears zzz

polar bear with baby
why all kids try to do that

polar bear family
see there kid that is a lot of fish lets get it

Arctic bears playing in pool
i got it kids
daddy but what is that 
i have no idea

polar bear mother and baby
mommy listen i wanna tell you secret come

polar bear motherhood
beautiful polar bear mother and baby 

Arctic bears
hey i see you there, what are you trying to do

Arctic bear family
time to relax and enjoy with sunny day

relaxing Ursus maritimus
relaxing polar bear family sitting together

cute polar bear
how wanna big hug
spy bear
slowly and quit shh
spy bear
more closer yes

polar bear with beautiful view
hey i am polar bear whats up

sitting bear

hey what are you looking at

bears checking new home
daddy do you think this house can hold all of us 

spy bear
i do not know what it looking at but its looks so focus there

is it bear or dog

poor woman face bears in the water
so hard time i think for this woman the good she passed it and survived

polar bear ready for ski
i am so ready for skiing are you ready too

sad polar bear
no i am not ready yet i lost skating shoes

bear acting as a penguin
where do you think the crazy bear gone 
i am not so sure

relating bears on the snow
yes bob its so nice position to relax ,where is my ice cream

sleeping polar bear on the snow
and now time to sleep.... the end


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cool watermelon arts :o

funny animals camouflage ;)